Giraffes at Lake Manyara
Dear Guest,

Jambo! Habari? (Hello, How are you?)
Karibu (Welcome) to the website of the Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Victoria, Australia.

In this website, you will find valuable information on Tanzania, the Land of Kilimanjaro, Spice Islands of Zanzibar and Tanzanite, whose political and economic affairs have been changing rapidly for the better since independence in 1961.

International interest in Tanzania has been growing rapidly due to abundance of natural wealth and resources which offer tremendous investment opportunities for investors.

These include an excellent geographical location (Tanzania is a strategic outlet to several landlocked countries), arable land, world renowned tourist attractions (Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Spice Islands of Zanzibar), natural resources, sizeable domestic and sub-regional market, a wide raw material supply base, abundant and inexpensive skills, assurances of personal safety, warm friendly people and a suitable market policy orientation.

Currently, we are seeing a growing interest among the Australian people who wish to get more information about Tanzania and also to seek investment opportunities, including in the mining sector. It is a known fact that Kilimanjaro coffee, Africafe instant coffee, Makonde wood sculpture, Tingatinga paintings and Khanga fabric are increasingly becoming cherished goods in Australian houses. This is evidence that there is potential for deepening Australia – Tanzania relations.

I take this opportunity to encourage Australian investors and tourists to take advantage of the conducive environment in the country and bring in capital, technology and skills for investment in Tanzania and for tourists to come and enjoy available touristic attractions.

Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Victoria, Australia presents to you its website in order to provide basic specialized information on various subjects of interest to many and various audiences.

I sincerely hope the contents of our website serve your needs better, faster and in a more efficient manner.

Asante sana (Thank you)

H.E. Mr. Mathias M. Chikawe
The Embassy of The United Republic of Tanzania in Japan

Karibu – Welcome
I welcome you to the web site of the Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Victoria, Australia.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote and to enhance bilateral relations between Tanzania and Australia
  • Serve and promote welfare of the Tanzanian community members living in Australia
  • Assist all those interested in doing business as promoting trade and investments in Tanzania
  • Issue visas to visitors travelling to Tanzania
  • Facilitate cultural exchange between Tanzania and Australia

Many thanks for visiting this website. I hope you will find it informative and helpful.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance.

Nana Laxman
Hon Consul